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November 27th, 2012 by Franco

What a great tool available to internet marketers! Imagine how it works; you spend a load of money on PPC and you get lots of clicks on your website. They then surf away and forget all about you. But they still want to buy your product except they will do so on another day and with another company because they will start the whole process again.
Remarketing, using a simple code that can be added to your website allows you to target completely randomly those surfers who have previuosly visited your website. They will receive random banner ads from your company on other websites without realising that you are purposely putting your ads on those websites for them to see. It’s a great tool and greatly increases the return on investment.

  Junior Apprentice is really impressive this year!

November 12th, 2012 by Franco

Anybody who saw the task where the junior apprentices had to write a cookery book cannot fail to be impressed!
#where’smummy was an absolutely fantastic idea and somebody should definitely take it to market! Firstly the idea to target students who need advice on what and how to cook was brilliant. Then the idea to call it #where’smummy was sublime. Finally to present it in a comic book format was superb. All this created by teenagers? Fantastic, they have shown to have incredible potential as real world entrepreneurs, they need congratulating.

  Show off your business, don’t be shy.

October 24th, 2012 by Franco

One of the great things about the internet is the ease with which critical information about your business can be put in view of the whole world, quickly, cheaply and professionally.
If your staff’s charisma and attitude is the best thing about your business then show your staff off. Have them create an online video for your home page. Let them express themselves, let your potential clients get to know them before their first contact.
This is relationship building without the relationship, how fantastic! People buy people is the famous saying, so use the internet to do this!
The same applies to holiday destinations, hotels, cars and much much more. If you are selling your property upload as many images as possible, be honest about what you have to sell, why not?
I recently sold a car online and two people offered to buy it without even viewing it, they were happy with the photographs and made their decision online. They transferred the money before collecting the car, what a great way to sell a good product.
I often get frustrated with hotels that have fantastic views and do not show them on their website. Allowing potential customers to view a product online extensively is the best way to sell a product . TRY IT.

  Conversion Rate Optimization

October 17th, 2012 by Franco

Some people may not have come across this phrase before and it is a fairly new concept.
Companies spend vast amounts of money promoting themselves digitally but actually very little to test and check whether their website is best designed for the purpose it was meant.
Many companies do not dedicate any resources to testing the experience customers receive on their website.
Companies need to take CRO seriously and with the increase in the amount of browsing or online shopping going on, if companies do not test their website they risk getting lost in the crowd. Websites cannot be built and forgotten, they must be nurtured and developed. They are an ever changing phenomenon.

  Yves Saint Laurent change their name to SLP?

July 11th, 2012 by Franco

Making a client understand the value of branding is very difficult. It is hugely difficult to create brand values let alone maintaining them. Often we would use examples of some of the biggest and most successful world brands and Yves Saint Laurent is up there with the biggest. It exudes luxury, it has mass awareness, it is aspirational and it delivers.
So imagine the shock when it is announced the name is to change to Saint Laurent Paris for its ready -to – wear collections. Why? Who in their right mind would make such a decision? Hedi Slimane, the new creative director who demanded he have total brand control before being appointed, that’s who!
No, this is not right and should be strongly condemned.
YSL is an unmistakable brand, why confuse the public? Sure Armani and Maxmara have successfully offered sub brands but the name remains the same!
When so much investment has been put into a brand and when it is so successful, then it is criminal to change the name. Yves Saint Laurent are making a mistake and in my mind their name will never change!