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  Mobile phone advertising works?

March 20th, 2013 by Franco

84% of smartphone users notice mobile advertising according to Google research. Of course they do! How can they not notice if they are surfing on their smartphone?

85% of smartphone users look for local information also according to google research. This makes sense because if you are out and need a taxi you will of course do a quick search on your smartphone. Indeed if you need a pizza or a tyre change. Impulse purchases must be aided by searching the net on a smartphone.

So shall we all go out and open a Domino’s franchise or a set up a mini-cab firm? Actually, yes we should because nowadays an entrepreneur has to consider mobile advertising as a way of promoting his business and rather then setting up a business first and then deciding how to promote it, we should all decide what we can promote on digital media and then set up that business.

Back to front thinking or simple pragmatism?

There are so many empty retail units on the high street that it is probably no surprise to you that I spend most of my time deciding what I could put in any one of dozens of locations I drive past every day with shops available to let.

Then I think how would I promote it? Hard to get loads of Facebook followers for a fish & chip shop? What could I twitter about fish? Would Linkedin drive footfall? What about a circle of fish lovers on Google+?

And so I sadly resign myself to not opening my much loved idea of a fish & chip shop that makes really good fish & chips.

At least I will not smell of fried oil and I probably will not eat much fish & chips, keeping me healthy!

Mobile phone advertising works and therefore I must come up with an idea that can be promoted on mobile phones.

Smartphones are an intrinsic part of everyday life and cannot be ignored when deciding what business you are going to create?
Does this create new opportunities or kill new opportunities? I don’t know, but there are plenty of empty shops in the high street and I do wonder?

Mobile phone advertising should be incorporated in any media strategy and businesses must make sure that their websites can be viewed on mobiles.

I tend to use my ipad for surfing the net and due to my age I tend to avoid mobile surfing so maybe I should qualify my thinking by adding a condition to the type of business I should be setting up in the high street – something that targets adults under 50 to ensure they are more likely to use their smartphones for surfing without putting glasses on.

Just had a thought….. what happens if somebody calls you on your smartphone when you are about to buy something on the net? Oh No!

  How social media played a key role in the American presidential election

November 12th, 2012 by Franco

It’s common knowledge Barak Obama used social media to an extent never used before 4 years ago when he was first elected to the White House. Cleverly, President Obama realised that he should continue with his efforts to maintain a strong social media following, to obtain an advantage over his rival. This month his efforts to beat Romney were definitely aided by his social media strategy. Obama’s core supporter base has a younger demographic than Romney’s. Democrats tend to be younger voters like students and single mums or indeed women as a whole who use social media more than men and older citizens. Romney’s supporter base tends to be over 50s with a male bias.

So did social media win the election for Obama? Maybe it did, these stats make interesting reading:

As of election night, President Obama had 32 million Facebook fans, 21 million Twitter followers, and 259,685 YouTube views.

On the other hand, Mitt Romney had 12 million Facebook fans, 1.7 million Twitter
followers, and only 29,172 YouTube views.

Nearly 2 billion dollars spent by each candidate, and the finish was so close only a 2% swing would have won it for Romney. All this money spent and yet it probably all came down to social media – a strong lesson for all you budding Presidential candidates.

  Social Media Strategies – don’t bother if you are a small business

March 29th, 2012 by Franco

I was at a social media seminar yesterday and the message came across loud and clear….. if you are a small business forget about social media strategies because they are not for you.
British Airways, Vodafone, BT, Royal Mail, all need a social media strategy as they have a huge PR machine to oil and maintain but for the rest of us small businesses – forget it?????
The fact is of course that it very much depends on the type of business. If you are a small hotel, you should use social media without doubt but if you are a small transport company or an accountancy firm or a carpet shop; it is unlikely that you could possibly have enough interesting tweets or notices to maintain a loyal following and it could actually prove to be counter productive.

There are always exceptions to the rule but surely the amount of time and effort it takes to manage a proper social media startegy is beyond most small businesses who probably don’t have the appreciation or the inclination to implement one.

I suggest admitting to yourself that you are not going to waste your time posting items that nobody cares about is probably the best thing you could do for your business, concentrate on how you can grow your business using tradional forms of marketing including other digital methods.