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  Show off your business, don’t be shy.

October 24th, 2012 by Franco

One of the great things about the internet is the ease with which critical information about your business can be put in view of the whole world, quickly, cheaply and professionally.
If your staff’s charisma and attitude is the best thing about your business then show your staff off. Have them create an online video for your home page. Let them express themselves, let your potential clients get to know them before their first contact.
This is relationship building without the relationship, how fantastic! People buy people is the famous saying, so use the internet to do this!
The same applies to holiday destinations, hotels, cars and much much more. If you are selling your property upload as many images as possible, be honest about what you have to sell, why not?
I recently sold a car online and two people offered to buy it without even viewing it, they were happy with the photographs and made their decision online. They transferred the money before collecting the car, what a great way to sell a good product.
I often get frustrated with hotels that have fantastic views and do not show them on their website. Allowing potential customers to view a product online extensively is the best way to sell a product . TRY IT.

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