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  Online Offline Integration

September 20th, 2012 by Franco

Sometimes stating the obvious is really important and this is it.

There are many businesses that promote themselves daily on television, press and by post or leaflet distribution.

They put a lot of effort into preparing their radio advert or their press advert and then wait for new business to hit their website.

Many companies do this right and their websites are easily accessible because their web addresses are easy to find or there is no similarity with other competitors.

What is annoying is when you can’t find the website. Or if you get a flyer with a special offer that does not exist on the website. Or the link takes you to a home page and finding the relevant page is too time consuming.

There are two simple ways of dealing with this.

Create a separate stand alone page and guide potential customers recruited from your press or whatever advertising to this specific URL or compliment your media strategy with google PPC advertising, reducing the likelihood of your new business going elsewhere.

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